"Dancer" hits the blogosphere

A couple of music blogs picked up my latest release in the last few weeks. Here is what they wrote.

EarToTheGround Music:
"This song is another gem in a wonderfully talented artist’s discography. The lyrics here are poetic. I love the way he records his work, crisp and poignant. The writing is able to take center stage while the acoustic guitar provides a sweet and rewarding basis to the sound. In short, I could listen to this all day."

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Come Here Floyd:
"Dancer is a gorgeous acoustic ballad and it is assumed to be the first single from the folk singer/songwriter for an upcoming (unannounced) EP in the near future. The truly sparse and simple rendition is perfect for the subject matter, evoking effectively the nuance of emotions such as loneliness and inadequacy."

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Tim Hardenstedt