Tim the Lion Tamer


New Song Available For Streaming Now!

Singer-songwriter Tim the Lion Tamer nails the ambient “wayfarer” aesthetic with “Whistleblower,” a melancholy ballad complete with clever lyricism, fingerstyle guitar lines, marching drums, and a cascading finale of echoing horns.
— @MKLikesMusic
This new track is really captivating. The way the acoustic guitar lays like pine needles under the tree works perfectly. Then to have the lead vocal lay so gently across the top is really sweet. The whole composition is inviting… and then the unsettling lyrics hit you. By the time the orchestral style wakes you back up from your slumber, you’re ready to click play again.
— Ear To the Ground
There is an emotional warmth that brews within “Whistleblower.” Yet, the lyrics expose an unsettling time. It is more than a pure love song with a readily apparent message. The track from Tim the Lion Tamer has depth.
— Indie Obsessive