There is an emotional warmth that brews within “Whistleblower.” Yet, the lyrics expose an unsettling time. It is more than a pure love song with a readily apparent message. The track from Tim the Lion Tamer has depth.

We recommend listening to “Whistleblower” with a focus on the instruments. Clearly, the instrumental support was carefully considered and executed. At times, the acoustic guitar carries the melody with a simplicity. Then, the piano and the guitar swell. Brass unexpectedly arrives, then disappears.
— Indie Obssesive


Tim the Lion Tamer (vocals, guitar)
Anton Thoursie (drums, percussion, bass, piano, horns)

Written and produced by Tim the Lion Tamer
Co-produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Anton Thoursie at Rabbit Hole Studios in Malmö, Sweden.
Cover photo by Erika Weiland (erikaweiland.com)

© 2018 Tim the Lion Tamer
℗ 2018 Tim the Lion Tamer